It's a Zoo: International Exchange Students on Tour

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to enroll in a field trip to the “Der Wilde Berg Mautern Zoo”, a wildlife park with an infinite number of activities to do. From the moment we got on the bus, we appreciated the beautiful landscape and the stay was so fun, I can say that it was one of the most unforgettable moments we had in the group. I would like to illustrate to you with some more details and photos of the funniest and most exciting moments of the excursion.

So Much to Discover

We arrived at 10 am and we didn't have to wait for too long to have our adrenaline kick in! In order to get to the entrance of the park and enjoy the zoo you have to take the gondola lift, it's like 6-8 minutes of going up. If you are scared of the heights, I have to tell you that the view is beautiful and worth it.

Once at the top you can start the route to see the different animals. I got to see bears, donkeys, sheep, raccoons, pigs, hens, goats, deer, ducks, swans, and a lot more, but not only did I see them, but I was also so close to them!

By 2 pm we enjoyed the famous bird's show  (for which is known this park) presented by Rudi and Harry the bird's keepers, it was so fascinating because it's so rare to see the “kings of the air” in your daily life and at the show, we could watch griffon vultures (that I think the bird with its wigs open its bigger than me, and I'm 1.64 meters), eagles, falcons, and red kites flying so closed to us!!

It's a Wild Ride

The zoo had a restaurant on the top where you can choose a variety of meals and a soap that is delicious. I would recommend asking for the Wiener Schnitzel. Schnitzel is made of a thin, breaded, pan grief veal cutlet (it was the one I ate and I ended up filled and happy :D )

After we had eaten we let our inner child be happy and we tried every ride that the little amusement park had to offer. Some of the games we tried were the different slides (my favorite one was the blue one because we did races on it, I think everyone slipped more than four times), water games (my feet get wet hahaha but worth it), a climbing wall, a 9 meters elevator that make me shake a little, a little carousel with unicorns that reminded me of my childhood, and the cherry on top was the “MOUNTAIN- KART” where you can rent a little car and go down the mountain, it made all of us feel like Mario Kart, it was full of adrenaline and fun!

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