Living the Exchange-Student-Life in Leoben

Leoben is the perfect town. Not too big, not too small, lots of green space, mountains, a nice river and parks, so basically everything you need. I would like to share with you all the great things I have discovered while living here as an exchange student.


What I like most about Leoben is that even though it is one of the most important locations for the Austrian iron and steel industry, it has great outdoor areas that make you want to persue an active student life. Even if you just spend an afternoon on Hauptplatz Leoben (the city’s main square) or hike up a mountain, the green surroundings are your constant companion. My favorite destination to take a walk and enjoy the views is Pampichler Hill, as it has a great view of the town and nice paths to continue hiking up the mountain! If you feel tired of town life, just go hiking or cycling and spend a day away from it all.

Cozy Coffee Shops

There is no Costa or Starbucks for your caffeine fix, but there is an abundance of other local coffee shops with great tasting coffee in Leoben. They also have great places to get some work done or to study if you don’t feel like locking yourself in your room or spending all day in the library. A few of my favorites are Cafe Bellini (as they have wi-fi and delicious coffee), Sorger, and Cafe Schwammerlturm Leoben (with an amazing view on town and great sunset viewpoint).

Museums and Theaters

Even though Leoben is small town there’s also a museum, so if you’re looking for a great day full of art or history, the Museum Centre & Art Gallery of Leoben, will not disappoint you. There is also a theater - Stadttheater Leoben - that offers a number shows, performances and events, when there is no pandemic going on :-/.


There is no need to go anywhere else for shopping, no matter your needs or budget. Most of the things you need, you will find in LCS, a great shopping center located right in the middle of the city. Whether you are in desperate need of new clothes or just want some retail therapy ;) there will be a shop for you.

My Tips for Living in Leoben

If you’re an exchange student, remember you will only be in Leoben for one or two semesters. Be ambitious and committed to your studies, but don’t forget to be open to new adventures and make the best of your time in this wonderful town!
A tip from me: If you come here, try to say yes to everything! Every opportunity to join societies is worth it. Every opportunity to volunteer for something within Leoben is worth it, allowing you to meet the locals, to learn the language and more about the town. My advice would be to relax, have fun, and study! Travel as much as you can (if the situation allows it – Corona you know ;) ) and stay as healthy as you can. Living abroad is a great opportunity to make friends, so don’t be shy. Be yourself and have the time of your life!
Take some time to find a good set of friends. Whether they're from a society, club, your programme, or your neighbors in the dorm, everything feels easier when you have the support of a friend!
Enjoy your time in this beautiful town and use all the opportunities you have while you are here. Austria has so much to offer, so many nice places to see, and people to meet. Opportunities are around every corner if you are open to capturing the moment!

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