Study Abroad: Feel Austria

I think the biggest advantage of an exchange program is the opportunity to learn about a new culture and see the world in a different way than you are used to. Because everything we experience in our country is not always the same reality as the people in the place where you will live. For example, I’m from Brazil and I have noticed some differences between my culture and the Austrian culture, and here are five points that I have observed so far and that I want to share with you :)

Climate Change

While in Brazil it's summer, here it's winter at the end of the year. It was the first time I experienced the Christmas atmosphere as we know it from every movie. Not only the houses, but also the cities are decorated with lights and there are the famous Christmas markets. This is the associated street market where you can drink a Glühwein, eat typical food and watch Christmas-themed performances. Also, the traditions are different here, who delivers the gifts to the children, is Saint Nicholas on 6 December and he is accompanied by the Krampus (if you want to know more, we have a post here on the blog that explains everything about the Krampus and his procession).

Public Transport

The railroad system of the country is amazing. Not only can you use it to visit all sorts of places in Austria, but you can also travel to other countries in just a few hours. The magic starts already on the train ride, where you are offered the most fantastic views. Snow and mountains were something new for me too and there was no trip where I did not think of clearing my phone's memory with so many wonderful photos.

Everyday Life: Supermarkets
Do not expect many stores to be open on Sunday. Almost all markets in the city are closed on Sundays. Not being used to that, we often had to be creative with our meals using what we already had at home. In fact, no one remembers to buy wrapping paper and we wrapped our Christmas gifts in notebook paper

You can survive just fine speaking English. The university offers students German classes at an affordable price but, while you don't speak well, you can express your ideas and actions with most people and shopkeepers.

Just a Note on the Side
It's impossible not to mention supermarket cashiers. They are much faster than any I've seen. At first, you might even be more nervous when it comes to going through everything and buying, but eventually, you get this very quick way of going through the checkouts. I could go on for a long time pointing out more differences that I could notice, but for today it will be just those. What I have to emphasize for now is how valuable the experience of living in another country is and, in case you are thinking of coming here too, MIRO is the best team to help you with that 

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