Useful Apps to Have When Studying in Leoben (Part 1)

In this blog, I will recommend three useful apps that will help you during your stay in Austria and make it as smooth as possible so you do not have to worry about unnecessary things and can focus on making the best out of this experience!

1. Studo App

Our university gives access to a premium account in Studo for each student. This app will allow you a quick overview of your class schedule, university emails, exam dates, and holidays in Austria. It also has a chat function for each course you are registered in, where students exchange learning material or ask each other questions while studying for the subject’s exams.
Every time you register for a class or an exam, Studo will automatically sync with your Uni-Portal and show you the dates and times right on your phone. If for whatever reason, your app is not syncing, you can go to the ‘Courses’ tab, pull the screen down, and this will reload the app.
Sometimes it will also show you some recent news about the ÖH or give you some practical coupons for various restaurants and stores.

2. ÖBB/Scotty App

While in Austria, you do not necessarily need a car; public transportation here is well organised, fast, clean, and reaches most places without any trouble. If you want to have quick access to all train, metro or bus ride schedules, you should download the ÖBB and Scotty Apps. Scotty has access to all three transportation methods (train, bus, metro), while ÖBB is mainly for the trains. But both can come in handy while traveling.
With both apps there is the possibility of purchasing your tickets right online instead of at the station. For both you can either create an account or use them as a guest. However, since creating an account only takes a few minutes, I recommend it because then you can save your payment method, your discount cards and your email address so that you can receive your tickets and save time on the go.
You can either print the tickets or show them in the app on your phone. But since sometimes when you travel by train, there is no Wi-Fi or you lose signal because of going through some tunnels, I would recommend doing a Screenshot of the ticket, so you do not have to carry it, but you also have quick access to it without Internet.

3. Bergfex/Google Maps

If you are the type of person that enjoys hiking or spending time outdoors getting to know new cities, I would recommend downloading Bergfex and the map of where you currently are or planning to go in Google Maps.
Bergfex has all the hiking routes in Austria, letting you know which one requires how much stamina, which has a better view, how long the walks are and how high the mountains are. It also has a good and accurate weather prediction. Which as you know, is important to know before starting a long hike!

Google Maps I am sure you have used at one point or another, but something I have just recently discovered, is that you can download the map of the city or country you are in so if you loose internet connection or you just do not have a Sim Card from that country, you can still navigate without the fear of getting lost.

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