Choosing your own exam dates

As you may know, either from high school or your current studies, sometimes there is not enough time for every exam thrown your way. Here at MUL we can choose an exam date that works best for us. Allowing all students to study as fast as they want! However, this is not possible for all subjects, so continue reading for the whole info!

Our university’s classes are grouped in three main categories, for further information have a look at my other blog post “VO, IV, UE, What?. It is important to understand how MUL categorizes classes, so you can plan your exam dates accordingly.

When and for which classes can we students choose our own exam dates?

This is possible only for VO Lectures, usually the university has 3-5 dates per exam per semester open and we may choose any one of them. But always keep in mind that if one of your future subjects has prerequisites, you should try to fulfill them as soon as possible. Since attendance is not mandatory for VO lectures, many students decide to take the exams for these lectures during the summer, Easter or winter break. That is why we often say we do not have holidays and vacations, but lecture free time because studying for the many exams is an all-year-round job! This is a great decision to make because, as mentioned in “VO, IV, UE, What?”, all IV and UE can only be taken once a year, so when time is short and stress is high, it is better to focus on everything but VO exams. At the end, it all comes to time management - if you do not pass a VO exam, you can try it a month later, but if you do not pass an IV or UE, you must wait a whole year before you can try again!

Choosing our own VO exam dates has many advantages. This university is not an easy one, so having the opportunity to move an exam for a few months can be greatly beneficial. However, you should avoid getting too comfortable with moving exams around, because at the end, you will need more time for your studies. If you are a person that works better under pressure, this may be a disadvantage for you, because you always have the possibility to move the exam, so you are never really under intense pressure for these types of exams. But if you are someone that sets a date and follows through no matter what, then this will not be an issue for you.

In both cases, you can get used to the situation and make the best of it, but I personally believe that having the chance to move an exam once or twice without major repercussions is a great rare thing that should be highly appreciated.

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