VO, IV, UE, What?

Have you read the curriculum of the study program you are interested in? Are you confused by how we here at MUL group our subjects? If so, the following information should help clarify any doubt you may be having.

There are 3 main subject groups. The VO, IV and UE. Every study program has all of them so let us get to understanding them a little more. One thing all these subjects have in common is, that we students have 5 chances to pass each of them before we cannot continue studying at this university anymore. But besides that, they are full of differences.

VO (Vorlesung), here we have the more theoretical aspect of the course, usually the professor or lecturer teaches us about the subject in a less interactive way, we can discuss and ask about the matter presented, and since classes are generally small compared to other universities, our lecturers always find enough time to answer all our questions.

Attendance is not mandatory for VO lectures, however for many subjects it is highly recommended. Especially at the beginning of the Bachelor, when you are just getting acclimated to Uni life, where everything is left up to you.

Once class is over, we have the “Schwammerl Antritt”, which just means the first exam date for each VO subject. Probably the best one for you if you attended class or have been studying along. These exams are almost always written, but some subjects may also have an oral examination as well.

UE (Übung), practical classes are usually complementary to VOs, not every VO has a practical class, but all UEs have theory classes. Here we go deeper in the subject and learn how to apply everything learned in the theory class, we may be required to turn in homework, present something to the class or do a project that will count as part of our grade.

Attendance for these subjects is mandatory, one can usually miss up to 3 classes, but any more than that and the student will not be allowed to continue with the class.

Along with the weekly homework, the class participation and maybe a project, sometimes there are also some short tests at the beginning of every other if not every class. How the subject is graded and the requirements to pass vary from lecturer to lecturer, so pay close attention that first week!

IV (Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung), this type of lecture is a mixture of VO and UE, usually one day a week we concentrate with the practical side and one with the theoretical side. But this also may vary between lecturers.

Just as for UE, attendance is mandatory. This class will be of big advantage to those that work better under more supervision than all alone at home, since you must be in class for both the theory and practical aspect, there is no missing out on information.

The disadvantage of both IV and UE, is that you can only pass these classes every other semester, since they are fixed only for Summer or Winter Semester, the VOs however, you can pass anytime because you do not have to attend class and can just go for one of the multiple exam dates open throughout the semester.

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