Road Trip Across Sweden

Last week I used the time and the advantages of remote learning to take a little road trip across the middle of Sweden. This blog post should give you an overview of our little journey and it should facilitate all the awesome things you can see and experience in Swedens nature!


We started our trip by train, this is often the best way to get from city to city in Sweden. It is quite cheap if you book early enough and you can use the time to study, read, sleep or whatever you prefer. We took the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm, were we met with another (Austrian) friend, who picked us up with a rental car. If you want to experience Sweden off the beaten track and outside the bigger cities, I highly recommend renting a car. You are much more flexible with a car, and you can drive into the woods and directly to the national parks, which I will get into detail a little later.
We started a little outside of the city and had a nice walk around Drottningholm palace, the current residency of the Swedish royal family. Therefore, it is of course surrounded by a really nice park.

Just Cruising

We basically had the same lunch plan every day: We got some groceries from a supermarket before lunch time and then we drove around and searched for a nice place in nature to eat. That was definitely one of the best parts every day, as we found some really nice picknick spots! At the end of day one we drove to Linköping, had a walk around the city and booked a nice Airbnb outside the city, already in the middle of nature. And I have to admit: This Airbnb had the best view I had so far here in Sweden! But see for yourself :-)

National Park

For the evening we booked another Airbnb, this time even with a sauna included! We were so hyped about the sauna, that we didn't noticed that it didn’t have a kitchen included. And of course, we had already bought some groceries for cooking dinner... So instead of cooking a healthy meal, we reserved them for the next day and grabbed some fast food at the famous Swedish Max Burgers. Oh…by the way we are now somewhere around Örebro.
On the next day, we did the same thing all over again. Walks in the morning, lunch somewhere in the middle of nowhere and Airbnb search in the afternoon. This time we found a real gem. A little wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, rented out by a couple who lives in a similar cabin just 50 meters away. Their profession is to build tiny homes like these and they try to be self-sufficient life and live off the grid in those cabins. Although this time a kitchen was included, the toilet was outside and the water in shower came froma a beaver dam. Adventurous!

Into the Woods

IIt was near to the city Uppsala where we spent the last days of our little road trip, chilling at a river, because temperatures in Sweden have reached over 25 degrees Celsius the first time since I have been here. Then in the evening we had to go back to the city of Stockholm to catch our train back to Gothenburg. As you can imagine, those four days flew by, but it was an outrageous experience. The nature here in Sweden is really worth a visit and especially in the well-organized national parks there is a lot to discover.

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