Useful Apps to Have When Studying in Leoben (Part 2)

In this post, I would like to share with you more apps which are of great importance during your stay in Leoben. These apps may help you in your day to day life or on your trips and adventures.

If you missed the first part, check out the previous blog post, which mentions apps like Studo, the ÖBB apps and Bergfex.

1. Bank Austria/Sparkasse

It is recommended to open an Austrian bank account while studying in Leoben, even if you have a euro account on your home card. When you have an Austrian account, all payments are very simple, you do not need to pay extra transfer costs when you pay a tuition or accommodation fee, for example. As soon as you open an account e.g. at Bank Austria or Sparkasse you receive access to your account through a mobile app. In these apps, you can make any transfers, track your balance anytime when you are connected to the Internet. Personally, I have an account at UniCredit Bank Austria, that's why I use the Bank Austria App for all activities as it is very user-friendly and fast. No screenshot of the app here, because well…it’s my bank account;)

2. Mein Georg

Everyone who arrives in Austria for a certain period of time needs an Austrian mobile SIM-card. Most use mobile net from the mobile operator Georg. It is supposed to be cheap and you can buy it almost everywhere. As for me, I am very happy with this mobile operator as it offers different tariff rates depending on your needs. This app is super convenient as I can top up the balance through the app without leaving home, I can change the tariff for another one, check the rest credit of data and minutes for calls. There is also a support chat when have questions.

3. Maps me/Komoot

If you are planning to go hiking or make different walking tours, these apps are essential. They are specialized for walking trips. When you go by foot, some apps show only driveways or big roads because they do not have forest or mountain footpaths. I use these apps every time I go hiking. “Maps me” shows all the footpaths during conquering the mountain peaks ;). The map for a certain location can be downloaded in advance so that it also works without being connected to the internet.
Komoot is a library for all kinds of hiking, jogging and biking routes; additionally it shows the level of difficulty and average duration of a trip. It assist your trip by showing different landmarks on your way.  Here is a tip how I use these apps: When I have already chosen the final destination, I use “Maps me”. When I am searching for interesting routes, I use Komoot.

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