Welcome to Leoben: Weather, Traditions, and Hobbies

Perhaps like me, you had never heard of Leoben before you became aware about MUL's study programmes. The truth is that this place is for everyone and it's easy to make the most of what the city has to offer!

City of Leoben

Leoben is a city located along the river Mur in the state of Styria with around 25,000 inhabitants, of whom about 4,000 are students at Montanuniversität. As in every Austrian city, Leoben also has a Hauptplatz or main square, where the Leoben City Shopping (LCS), shops, banks and main restaurants of the city are located. Before crossing the river Mur,  you’ll see the Schwammerlturm, a medieval tower and the most famous building in the city. At its top you can have coffee with a stunning view!

The Great Outdoors in Winter

Hiking and climbing are the favorite hobbies of the people who live here. Actually, you can do this throughout the year, whether indoor or outdoor. However, there are some seasonal activities. In winter, the average temperature is -3.7 ºC (CLIMATE.DATA-ORG), reaching a minimum temperature of ~ -10 to -12ºC. Despite about 9 hours of sunlight during this period there are several mountains around, like Präbichl, where you can go skiing, snowboarding or just sledding (Schlittenfahrten) which is a lot of fun. Carnival also takes place in winter, groups of people wearing the most creative costumes parade down the main street of the city and meet at Hauptplatz to find out who won the competition. This time is ideal for eating Krapfen, a typical sweet of the carnival festival.

Spring Time

During spring, temperatures start to rise and it becomes more pleasant to be out of the house longer. The streets become flowery and you can spend time in the parks like Gärnerpark, Asia Spa park or the Stadtpark. Or just head to Maßenburg, a ruin of a 13th-century castle, and you'll have an incredible view of the city!

Summer Time

Summer definitely requires you to be outside! Surprisingly, temperatures can reach 26 ºC. I came from a tropical country and should be used to it, but I had to join the Austrians and spend a few hours at Hauptplatz having a cold drink or a day at the Asia Spa sunbathing and enjoying the pools. The other option is to take advantage of the summer to travel through the cities neighboring Leoben (take the opportunity to buy the summer pass that guarantees free tickets to students during the summer) and spend the day at a lake for example. In addition, for those who prefer go for a dip in the sea, Austria borders two countries by the Adriatic Sea. It is worth making a trip to the Italian beaches or to Balkans.

Autumn in Leoben

The autumn colors are incredible, in addition to the pleasant climate of an average of 15ºC! (CLIMATE.DATA-ORG) During this time, on Thursday after the first Sunday in October, Gösser Kirtag takes place.
“With about 4.000 meter length is the Gösser Kirtag the longest fun fair street in Austria. Thousands of Krügerl beer, ginger bread hearts, chicken and sausages are being bought by the 30.000 visitors on that secret national holiday. From the main-square to the entrance of the Gösser brewery, there are the sales stands as well as the gastronomy stands, and a musical program from the inner-city till Göss being offered.” (more information: tourismus-leoben.at)  However, if like me, you also don't have the opportunity to enjoy this festival, it's worth taking a guided tour of the Brewery. You will not regret!

Just Enjoy

Anyways, Leoben is a city for everyone. Choose your tribe, make friends and make the most of what the city has to offer!

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