Traveling in Austria: How to Get Train Tickets at 50 off

For most people, studying abroad is the best chance to travel and visit as many places as possible - add to that the “fame” Europe has for its train system. However, maybe you’ve heard that Austria is an expensive country. Well, while it can be, you can still save quite some money with the ÖBB Vorteilscard.

First of all, let me tell you what I am talking about. Rail transport in Austria is mainly owned by the railway company ÖBB. While the tickets can be expensive, ÖBB offers the so-called Vorteilscard. Well, in general, it is a yearly card that you purchase and ensure you a discount within every ticket you buy, and you can travel on ÖBB trains as well as many private railways.

There are a lot of Vorteilscard options: Classic, Family, Senior, and the one that most likely fits us, Jugend. The Vorteilscard Jugend is destined for people under 26 years old and costs 19 euros (for 1 year of validity). Moving on to the benefits, despite your “category”, the Vorteilscard ensure you the following:

  • 50 percent discount on ÖBB standard single tickets at the ÖBB ticket machine, on their online ticket shop or via the ÖBB App;*
  • 45 percent discount on ÖBB standard single tickets at ÖBB ticket counters and customer service, from sales partners (e.g. travel agencies) and from ÖBB employees on the trains and buses;*
  • 15 percent discount on cross-border rail travel with railplus.

*These discount rates are valid until 11/12/2021. From 12/12/2021 on it will be 50 percent discount on both cases


Some “additional” benefits include: special rates for ÖBB Rail Tours, discounted fare to go to Vienna-Schwechat Airport, or rental bicycles at 59 ÖBB train stations.
“Ok, but how do I get this card?” - It’s very simple! The two main ways to get it are via the ÖBB App or online ticket shop, or at an ÖBB ticket counter.

If you opt to purchase online, you will start by registering (at or in the ÖBB App) for an ÖBB account. Then, you log in select “Vorteilscard” in the menu under “Further Offers”. Select the “category” of the card and the start date for its validity. Also, remember that you will have to provide some personal information when placing your order. You can then pay for your Vorteilscard by online transfer from your bank account or by credit card.

Finally, you’re ready to go! You will receive your temporary Vorteilscard immediately by e-mail, which you can print and just start using. Or you can already start using it with your mobile phone app, which is also an easy way to always have your Vorteilscard in hand during your trips. Several days later, you will receive your credit card-sized Vorteilscard by mail.

After almost one year here, I can tell you that it really is a great deal as the card rapidly pays for itself and helps you to explore more. Not only that, it most likely will come in handy for your moving day on the way from Vienna to Leoben - so don’t be afraid to get your card a bit before moving here. For more information, feel free to ask in the comments or head over to the ÖBB website.


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